How to Find Trending Hashtags on Facebook ?

Hashtags on Facebook are not just a trend but they are the anchor to any type of content. There is no perfect way to find trending hashtags on Facebook, and although there might be many upvoting websites that provide this information, it is always important to understand what you want your hashtags to do before using them.

Facebook uses hashtag-based search as one way to keep track of trending topics. When you type in a hashtag on Facebook, it will likely show you posts that have used that hashtag recently.

There are many different ways in which Facebook searches for trending hashtags when users type them into the search bar. One way is by looking at posts from pages and people with relevant interests.

This algorithm looks at this data over time and can figure out what people are talking about and give them related content they might be interested in that they missed while browsing their feed.

Do hashtags still work on Facebook?

Even though hashtags aren’t as popular on Facebook as they are on other social media platforms, you can use them.

In most cases these days, when people use hashtags in their posts on Facebook they are using them to create events or promote events (i.e., #FridayNightOut). They’re also used to support movements or organizations (i.e., #MeToo).

As you know, on Facebook most of accounts are private and private hashtags can’t be tracked.
But still hashtags are so effective for business on Facebook.

Why trending hashtags on Facebook are so important?

As far as social media networking is concerned, trending hashtags are particularly important thanks to their ability to connect you with your target audience at the right time.

Over the course of a few years, products of your brand might not change too much, but your audience will.

Because of this, you should keep up with what’s happening in your industry if you plan to invest a lot of time and money into social media marketing.

Utilizing hashtags that are trending on Facebook within your niche will increase your chances of your content being seen by your target audience, and you will keep up with what people are interested in.

It’s important to switch up your hashtags in line with what’s trending on Facebook and how you connect with your target audience.

Benefits of Using Trending Hashtags on Facebook

Facebook hashtags are easy to use and people can find out what they are discussing by clicking on the hashtag or posting a photo or a status update with a specific hashtag.

Benefits of trending hashtags on Facebook:

1. People create their own conversation that is not influenced by Facebook algorithms and also have more control over it;

2. This new feature can be used to make money by posting sponsored content to this particular community that you’ve created;

3. As people get more engaged in this way, they will share links, posts and other types of content from friends and from brands, therefore creating an engagement loop.

The reasoning of this benefits is that hashtags are a convenient way to find relevant content and to discover new content.

Hashtags are also used for branding purposes and some people use them to help promote themselves or their company. For example, if a company is looking for a new employee then they can post the hashtag #hrjobs in their job description to get more qualified applicants.

How to find trending hashtags on Facebook?

There are many different ways to find trending hashtags on Facebook. The most effective way is through a website like HashtagMark. You can input any keywords or phrases, and you’ll get all the relevant Facebook hashtags with these keywords.

Here we provide you 5 ways to check out your trending hashtags on Facebook:

1. Social listening tools!

The first step is to create a project and add keywords (related to your business) that you want to monitor. Then you will be able to identify trending hashtags in your niche based on mentions across the Internet.
Now check the results by adding them to your Facebook posts.

What matters is that those hashtags are relevant to your niche, but aren’t specific to Facebook.
But don’t worry, we still have 4 other ways!

2. Facebook Hashtag Generator

HashtagMark provide you a Facebook hashtag generator tool which can find trending hashtags on Facebook based on what you entered!

Hashtag Generator for Twitter and Facebook

Using the generator, you will see hashtags that contain a similar keyword that are frequent, average, and rare.

3. Checking related websites

There are some websites which provide you lists of trending hashtags on any platforms:,, are the most popular ones.
Of course I doubt those hashtags will help you grow your Facebook page, since they’re mostly general tags sorted by popularity.

These kinds of tags are followed by millions of users and generate thousands of posts every day so it is likely that your content will get lost in the crowd.

Using relevant hashtags dedicated to your niche, products, and services will increase your social media reach and engagement. That’s why tags listed by websites with hashtag lists are not always appropriate and worth using.

4. Take advantage of hashtag autocomplete

A mobile app’s search engine provides autocomplete features. The only thing you need to do is type the keyword. Similar, popular hashtags will be displayed by the search engine.
You can find out how many people are posting about this hashtag by clicking on it.

It is time-consuming to discover the most popular hashtag since each one must be clicked manually but details you get from this, is accurate.

5. Mobile apps

For discovering new hashtags we can use the App Store’s mobile apps. These apps share many of the same features.

Using niche keywords or browsing through categories, we can find hashtags that fit our needs. Also the number of uses of generated tags can also be filtered.

Is it possible to discover trending, viral, and niche hashtags using mobile apps? My opinion is that it isn’t.
Tags are listed when they’re already quite popular based on how often they’re used by apps.

facebook hashtag mobile app

We tried some of mobile apps. In terms of discovering hashtag popularity, they work pretty well. Those apps work well if you want to search for popular hashtags or the most popular hashtags on Facebook. It’s worth noting, however, that super-popular hashtags aren’t always the best ones to use.

Why trending hashtags on Facebook are good for my business?

Are all trending hashtags beneficial for your business? Around the world, hashtags that are trending and popular are relatively short in number.

These hashtags are extremely helpful to Twitter and Instagram influencers because they help them build their audience.

Your posts will appear where millions of people are likely to see them if you use popular hashtags on social media networks.

When using trending hashtags, you should be aware of some aspects:

Using popular hashtags means, it is hard to stand out because millions of pepole are using them and there is an extreme competition.
There is a chance of irrelevant hashtags! If you use hashtags that are too popular, they may not even be trending in your industry or relevant to your content.
When you use some of the most popular hashtags in the world to build your audience, you might be targeting the wrong audience since millions of others are using those hashtags at the same time.

Final thought…

Hashtags on Facebook posts are worth adding? There’s no way to know for sure until you try. There is no doubt that social media posts with tags gain greater engagement, and are also more searchable, interactive, and readable.
You can apply niche keywords to your posts by experimenting with a few relevant hashtags.
In addition to checking your reach and interactions, you can also use an Internet monitoring tool to collect all mentions with the particular hashtags and analyze the ones that performed best.

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