Types of hashtags on Twitter

Types of hashtags on Twitter

Hashtags are used on social media platforms including Twitter, to categorize conversations and content.
Twitter, like other social media platforms, offers a feature that allows users to use hashtags in their tweets.

They can be used to define or categorize the tweet and also share with people who are interested in the discussion of that topic.

In fact, hashtags on Twitter are a form of metadata added to a tweet. The hashtags can be used for grouping the tweets.

There are many types of hashtags on twitter, but the most commonly used are those that are created for memes, jokes or some other type of humor.

As we mentioned, hashtags are commonly used on Twitter as they provide a way to categorize tweets easily into streams.

Twitter has even made it possible for hashtags to appear as search terms on their platform. This makes it easier for people who have specific interests in mind to find relevant content and conversations.

Different Types of Hashtags on Twitter

Branded hashtags:

These hashtags are used for campaigning or linking a brand to an event. Something you should know about these kinds of hashtags is that they have 3 important features: being unique, being concise and also being catchy!

Brand hashtags are mostly permanent and don’t change, because they supposed to be everlasting and people remember them.

Different Types of Hashtags on Twitter

User-generated hashtags:

as its name suggests, this kind of hashtags are generated by Twitter users.
While the trend of hashtags was popularized by influential celebrities and brands, we can now see how users are coming up with their own hashtags that start trending.

User generated hashtags are very popular on social media because it is free, easy to do and can create a feeling of community.

Users can also use them to share information on trending topics or scandals easily.
One such example is when popular meme website, 9GAG, launched a campaign called #politicsthatmadeuslaughbackintheday. The trend went viral and generated many memes and jokes on Twitter with that hashtag.

Trending hashtags:

As we said before, on social media, hashtags are a way of grouping posts together. If you want to find out what trends are popular on twitter, you can use these trending hashtags to get an idea of what’s happening.

twitter hashtag trends

It is often the case that hashtags trend at different times. For example, the hashtags #ukraine or #worldcuptournament might trend at different times of the day depending on which is more active.

Here are some trending hashtags on twitter:


Events hashtags:

You may want to use a hashtag to better promote your event. That kinds of hashtags called event hashtags because they are related to a specific event.

Most major events have hashtags, such as the #Oscars2016 and #LFW (London Fashion Week). Also the hashtags can be used by exhibitors and brands to gain more exposure among attendees and those following the event on Twitter.

Writing hashtags is an important

Benefits of using hashtags on twitter

Writing hashtags is an important part of the social media strategies and understanding how hashtags work is a critical element for success. So exploring the merits and demerits of using hashtags does not seem entirely pointless.

1.Hashtags make it easier for people to find interesting or relevant content on twitter. For example, if you are talking about a specific topic or subject of interest, you can use hashtags that other people might be using in their tweets and so they will be able to see your tweet as well.
2.Hashtags also give people the opportunity to visit people who share same interests.

3.Hashtags are supposed to raise awareness for a brand or cause.

4. As all know, using hashtags on twitter can easily increase engagements.
5. Also you can show you’re supporting a social events or issues by using related hashtags.
6. You want to be followed by your target audience?! Hashtags are here to help you with this!

When should I use hashtags on Twitter?

In general, there are several ways to use hashtags on Twitter:

Top hashtags: Some streams that use a hashtag a lot; Basically, these types of tweets are from famous people or brands who have a significant number of followers.
Latest hashtags: This type of hashtag is used to share the latest tweets.
People hashtags: This type of hashtag is for showing tweets shared by different people.
News hashtags: this is a live stream with a high number of tweets that uses the hashtags desired by users. Of course, in this case, the publisher of the tweet is in fact official and news sources.
Photos: Photos that are published on Twitter and have the hashtag desired by users. Therefore, people searching for this hashtag will all be directed to these photos.
Videos: Videos that are published with a specific hashtag so that people can find the tweet and video they want about a specific topic.
More: This can be considered a drop-down menu that has the following important options:
Option from people you follow, which means the same people you follow.

Famous Twitter hashtags

You won’t have to look far to find trending Twitter hashtags anymore. You can use the Explore tab on your Twitter dashboard to view hashtags and topics trending in your region. Additionally, you can find curated hashtags and topics based on your interests.

Famous Twitter hashtags

Twitter is free to find hashtags but as there’s no such thing as a free lunch; It is not possible to specify topic or hashtags specific to your target audience with Twitter, unlike other paid tools.

Here are some techniques which help you to use hashtags properly:

1. Keep your tweets to two relevant hashtags at a time.
2. Make each word more readable by capitalizing the first letter.
3. Make an excuse for people to use your hashtags. Adding a retweet to the conversation can encourage them to participate.

This is a list of those hashtags which are the most popular hashtags on twitter 2022:

• #love (1.835B)
• #instagood (1.150B)
• #fashion (812.7M)
• #photooftheday (797.3M)
• #beautiful (661.0M)
• #art (649.9M)
• #photography (583.1M)
• #happy (578.8M)
• #picoftheday (570.8M)
• #cute (569.1M)

Other famous hashtags which get the most likes on Twitter:

• ico
• ethereum
• crypto
• crowdfunding
• medicaid
• blackhistorymonth
• womenshistorymonth
• photography
• iwd2019
• cryptocurrency
• happyeaster
• womensday
• pressforprogress
• happybirthday
• internationalwomensday
• olympics
• pets
• friends
• piday
• worldwaterday
• funny
• contest
• starwarsday
• giveaway
• tuesdaymotivation
• mondaymotivation
• traveltuesday
• wcw
• tbt

hashtag generator tool

The most popular hashtags in different categories:

• history month: #blackhistorymonth and #womenshistorymonth
• holidays: #happyeaster, #happybirthday, #internationalwomensday, #piday, #worldwaterday, #starwarsday, #fathersday, #maythe4thbewithyou, and #memorialday
• cryptocurrency: #ico, #ethereum, #crypto, #cryptocurrency and #bitcoin.
• Evergreen content: #photography, #funny, and #pets
• Contest: #contest and #giveaway.

How to find trending hashtags on twitter?

As we know, Twitter is becoming more and more powerful as a social media platform by the day. People can use it to get instant updates on their favorite celebrities and stay in touch with what is happening in the world.

There are many ways to find trending Twitter hashtags. One way is to use the search Web button on Twitter.

Then type in your desired keywords and click the Search button which will provide you with a list of relevant trending hashtags related to your topics of choice.

The other way is to use a Twitter hashtag generator tool. This tool allows you to compose a tweet using certain hashtags like #sport #football #rowing, thus allowing you to see which of these popular hashtags are trending at the moment and if they would be suitable for your posts.

There are many websites which can help you to find the best and most relevant hashtags such as: HashtagMark, Hashtagify, Trendsmap, Ritetag and … .

In fact Knowing which hashtags are trending will help you make connections on Twitter with people who share similar interests as yourself or who might benefit from your product or service!

To sum up …

Twitter is a social networking site that has more than 300 million active monthly users. Twitter hashtags are words that are preceded by the # symbol and can be used to combine conversations around your post or to add a new topic of discussion.

The most popular hashtags on Twitter change every year, but currently some of the most popular hashtags on Twitter include #2018inspiration, #wokeuplikethis, #2018goals, and #selflove.

Hashtags have started off as a way to identify various groups of Tweets. They were created in order to make it easier for people to find Tweets on specific topics or themes.

Nowadays you can use them for any reason, whether you want people to find your Tweets about certain topics or just want them to know about something.

Hashtags are here to help you grow on social media. Just make sure you are using the right hashtags for your business or even friendly discussions.


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