how to increase hashtag reach on Instagram?

how to increase hashtag reach on Instagram

Increase hashtag reach on Instagram seems to polarize people into two camps, those who love using hashtags and avoid them like the plague, and those who hate them. 

Currently, Instagram has over two billion monthly active users, making it one of the most popular social media platforms out there. No wonder digital marketers are looking for new ways to gain organic Instagram reach. This organic reach can gain by hashtags! 

So if hashtags are used correctly and applied effectively, they can help you achieve your marketing goals.

HashtagMark is here to explain how hashtags can increase reach on Instagram! so follow this post and share your ideas with us!

Hashtags on Instagram

We all know what is a hashtag but do you also know what exactly hashtags do on Instagram?! 

The hashtags on Instagram are perhaps the best way to sort and filter content on the platform. So similar to keywords for Google, Instagram hashtags enable you to discover and categorize your content, gain brand recognition, and establish authority for your brand.

On Instagram, you are allowed to use 30 hashtags and instagrammers usually use most of their 30 hashtags in each post, unlike Twitter users, who use only a few hashtags.

Benefits of using hashtags on Instagram

Of course one of the most important parts is increase your reach on Instagram! but definitely using hashtags has more advantages.

The purpose of hashtags on Instagram is to connect with new customers, reach out to new audiences, spark conversations, and track user-generated content.

In social networks, hashtags are a great way to find topics with a common theme, as well as to suggest a conversation topic. The #TheBachelorAU hashtag, for example, is commonly used by your favorite TV shows to generate conversation about the show as it unfolds.

Benefits of using hashtags on Instagram

Analyzing competitors

In social media, hashtags are an important tool for analyzing your share of voice, especially if they’re industry or local hashtags. So we can say one of the purposes of hashtags is analyzing your competitors.

Enhancing exposure and discovery

When you click on a hashtag on Instagram, you’ll see a gallery of the top posts and the latest posts that use the hashtag. They are the main reasons for using hashtags.

Bringing digital and IRL campaigns together

You’re likely to see a hashtag marketing campaign in any retail store these days. It’s easy to connect digital and in-person campaigns using hashtags, whether they’re a general brand hashtag or a campaign hashtag. 

By doing so, you are literally using hashtags to increase engagement.

Researching content

You can use hashtags to research different content ideas similar to how you would find keywords for SEO. 

If you also have problem to find what hashtags you need, can use our hashtag generator for Instagram to make your work easy.

Interacting with audience 

Branded hashtags enable engagement in another way when you encourage their use. A tagged feed post will appear in search results, while a tagged story post will remain in the story for the duration of the story.

So you can use hashtags to reach and engage your customers in a variety of ways, but if you have problem to find the best hashtags for Instagram take a look at our post.

By reading this article you can find how increase your reach on Instagram by using hashtags!

Now we want to go further and show you how hashtags increase your organic reach on Instagram: 

How hashtags increase your organic reach on Instagram

How hashtags increase your organic reach on Instagram

Perhaps you are wondering why you should include hashtags in your postsو I tell you: Enhancing Instagram’s organic reach by choosing the right hashtags.

Essentially, users can follow specific hashtags, and any hashtag they can think of can be followed. This can be quite helpful when doing hashtag research, as it lets you determine how your posts will fit in with existing posts.

Choosing hashtags that are overly popular, such as #love #gaming #youga, is a mistake, as they are too broad, and it’s very hard to rank well among them. So better to use branded hashtags, those hashtags which made by yourself or etc.

If you want to be more precise, find topics that have at least 15,000 posts associated with them, then find an area in which you can create unique content and fill it with valuable content.

Put together hashtags that are descriptive of the content you are showcasing on your account and are relevant to your target audience, or you may make a hashtag more specific by adding another word to it.

In addition to finding similar hashtags, the hashtag browser generates suggestions for you. The most powerful hashtags can also be found with external tools like HashtagMark e.g. free hashtag generator for TikTok

How many hashtags should I use on Instagram?

You may have this question in your head that how many hashtags should we use on Instagram?  HashtagMark is here to answer your questions:

The number of hashtags you can add to your regular post is 30, and the number of hashtags you can add to a story is 10. If you try to add more, your comment or caption won’t post. 

Don’t think that just because you can use that many hashtags you should use all of it. In fact there is no investigation that exactly shows the right number of hashtags on Instagram, just it is recommended to start with about 11 hashtags. However, most people use between one and three hashtags on Instagram.

So you need some tests to know how your page react to the numbers of hashtags!

Different types of hashtags on Instagram

Different types of hashtags on Instagram

To increase your reach on Instagram you should know different types of hashtags on Instagram:

  • Branded hashtags for events and campaigns 
  • Get your community together by using hashtags like #mytravelgram
  • Use hashtags based on location, such as #maldivsislands
  • The hashtags refer to what you posted, such as #readingnovel or #watchinmovie
  • In your niche, you might use industry hashtags like #SEOexpert or #personallawyer

Thing you should know is the number of hashtags you should include for each category isn’t set in stone, but knowing the categories can help provide inspiration and provide guidance.

These points gonna help you using hashtags effectively in social media marketing and stand out!

How to hide hashtags on Instagram? 

It may not be the best idea to end your Instagram caption with a prominent hashtag collection. Here we have something you can make your hashtags less visible with:

  • Include no hashtags in your caption as usual.
  • Leaving a comment is as easy as clicking the speech bubble icon under your post after it has been published.
  • Then tap Post when you’re finished writing or pasting the hashtags.
  • Now users must tap View all comments on mobile to see hashtags.
  • Alternatively, you can use this trick if your target audiences are mobile users, since your comment stays at the top of the page on desktop.

And finally …

We started this post with the question: how to increase hashtag reach on Instagram? and now we ended up with this answer: You can increase your reach on Instagram by using the right hashtags and finding your niche hashtags. this gonna help you stand out and make more and more money!

To be honest, these hashtag strategies will work best if your content sounds great. As you know content with high quality and uniqueness will always be king.

Do your work creatively and in an original way while making it relatable. Don’t copy and paste your whole saved list into every post. Make sure each hashtag you use on an Instagram post fits with the content and isn’t too repetitive.

So It’s always a matter of trial and error when it comes to hashtags on Instagram, but these tips can help you get a head start.



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