How to find hashtags for Instagram?

find hashtags for Instagram

Hashtags are a great way to make your posts more discoverable and get engagement. But do you know how to find hashtags for Instagram page?! 

Hashtags are a great way to market your posts on Instagram. They help people find your posts even when they don’t follow you. And with Instagram bringing an algorithm feed, hashtags can help you get seen by more people.

Some of the simplest tools that helps you find hashtags are Google Search, Google Trends, and Instagram’s own search engine. 

Of course there are much more online tools which can help you. In this post we will talk bout the ways you can find hashtags for Instagram so follow us till the end.

What is a hashtag?

Before talking about hashtags on Instagram you should know what is a hashtag and how to use a hashtag. Hashtags are a social media and digital marketing tool to categorize content. They are useful for SEO, could be used to measure sentiment, and can be used for link building. However, the main use of hashtags is to create community around topics and contribute to engagement.

The best time to use hashtags is when there is a relevant trend or event that is happening with everyone from major companies like Nike or Coca Cola, celebrities like Beyonce or Justin Timberlake and regular people who love following trends within their niche. It also has the potential to go viral if you have the right audience targeted.

In this post, we will see how to find the best hashtags for Instagram.

We should not try to find hashtags in a broad category like #nature or #things. We need to think about our niche and keywords as well.

Some ways for finding the best hashtags are:

– looking at what other Instagrammers are using on that specific topic

– looking at other accounts related to your particular niche

– just searching on Google

How do hashtags work on Instagram?

use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post

Using hashtags on Instagram makes your content discoverable and increases your social media reach. You can categorize your content and make it more visible to a wider audience through them.

On Instagram, you can use hashtags to find posts that are similar to yours. Simply type in the hashtag onto your caption or comment and it will pull up all the posts that have used that hashtag as well. 

Depends on your platform, purpose of hashtags are vary, but all of them wants to increase your engagement rate and boost your business!

It is possible to use hashtags on posts, stories, and reels. The hashtag page will display your content if you tag it with the right hashtag. This is a great way to reach new audiences since people are able to follow hashtags.

How to find hashtags for Instagram?

Now tell us which hashtags should you use in your Instagram posts? Your target audience is probably looking for content of a particular type. HashtagMark is here to help you.

If I want to be honest with you, using an Instagram hashtag generator can give you a bunch of free suggestions for hashtags based on your photo. But do actually need these hashtags?! Of course not. Finding hashtags in that way is the first step. After you need a good strategy!

So at first we introduce you hashtag generator for Instagram and then give you some good strategies. Here are some of the best hashtag generator tools:

The best 7 hashtag generator tools

The best 7 hashtag generator tools

1. HashtagMark:

HashtagMark is a great way to come up with new hashtags for your posts based on real-time engagement. It will help you find the best hashtags for your post and make sure that you don’t use any that are already in use.

It also gives you some details about any hashtag, so you can choose wisely!

2. All Hashtag:

Since 2015, the site has continuously evolved and added new features, beginning with a simple hashtag generator. The top hashtags can now be generated, created, analyzed and searched for your key phrase.

3. Ingramer:

Ingramer is an artificial intelligence-powered tool. A keyword, photo, or link can be used to search for tags, just like most tools on our list. Ingramer provides you with results that are similar to your keyword when you request a list of hashtags.

4. Ritetag:

Social media toolkit RiteKit includes Ritetag for people who live on social media. In addition, Ritetag can be used independently from Ritekit.

On desktop and mobile, Ritetag provides hashtag suggestions based on real-time engagement with hashtags. Right-clicking a picture or text selection can also give you hashtag suggestions with a Chrome extension.

How to find hashtags for Instagram

5. Hashtagify:

With this tool, you can search for real-time Twitter hashtag generator data and insights: popularity ranking, related hashtags, trends, and more. Using this tool, you can get an in-depth analysis of any hashtag or user, discover trending hashtags, monitor all the posts from your competitors, and interact with relevant influencers. 

The goal of Hashtagify is to identify, analyze, and amplify your hashtag strategy.

6. Hashtags for like:

As well as providing hashtag generators, Hashtags For Likes offers analytics features to help you identify the most effective hashtags and track post performance. A similar feature to other tools on our list is Hashtags For Likes’ ability to group results by category.

7. Instavast hashtag generator:

The Instagram Hashtag Generator, which is still in beta, is part of the Instagram marketing tools offered by Instavast. One good thing is Instagram’s banned hashtags are also listed in their free tool. The hashtags are divided into fully banned ones and temporarily banned ones, awaiting the decision of moderators.

So to find the most relevant hashtags for your business you should do:

find the best hashtags

  1. Do your research on Instagram hashtags
  2. Find your niche hashtags
  3. Check out your local hashtags
  4. Try branded hashtags
  5. And now you can use hashtag generator tools!

Can you use too many Instagram hashtags?

In spite of the fact that Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, Instagram recently advised creators to use only three or four on their posts. In light of Instagram’s new focus on keywords and SEO, this goes against everything we’ve heard about how hashtags work.

In addition to the ‘suggested’ content feeds, Instagram is testing ‘reels’ as well. However, Instagram needs to be able to categorize content accurately in order to provide suggestions that are truly “good matches.”

To sum up

Using relevant Instagram hashtags is essential to digital marketing because it allows your posts to reach a wider audience, and, most importantly, potential clients. 

In this post you got familiar with some hashtag generator tools and find out in order to boost your Instagram marketing or simply get more likes and followers, you need to control the usage of hashtags on Instagram.

Some methods are faster than others, and some require more time than others.

So everything depends on your condition, you can make your own strategy and start hashtag marketing in your own way.

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