How to use hashtags on LinkedIn ?

how to use hashtags on LinkedIn

Hashtags were temporarily disabled on LinkedIn. social media LinkedIn hashtags have no news about trendy or popular hashtags, until a new user interface was introduced in 2017.

expect progress by creating an account and filling in its information alone, is not enough! You must identify your expectations and desires, this is the first step you should take.

In addition to being the largest commercial search engine in the world, LinkedIn has 610 million viewers, and the number continues to grow every day.

There are more than 40 million monthly users on LinkedIn, and hashtags enable everything to be done.

In the following, we will introduce LinkedIn hashtags to you. As you know on social media, hashtags are used to view related posts.

What is the use of hashtags on LinkedIn?

As a starting point, let’s take a look at a question about LinkedIn hashtags. What are the best places to use hashtags? Are you more comfortable using it in posts or in LinkedIn articles?

an update on LinkedIn will increase the likelihood of being followed by users who are seeking out that hashtag.

How to use hashtags on LinkedIn?

By using LinkedIn hashtags well, we can expose our content to a large audience. hashtags on LinkedIn will keep you in touch with many users whom interested in your business.

Since this is a perfect social network for your business, you need to use right hashtags for your branding.
Remember hashtags which are trending on different social Medias, may not work on LinkedIn, because its strategies are different.

Now we are going to introduce you to the rules of using hashtags on LinkedIn. Absolutely there are some tricks you should know to grow your business through this social network.

Follow our guide to know everything you need.

How to use hashtags on LinkedIn updates?

The process isn’t difficult. You can publish articles, videos, or other content after logging into your LinkedIn homepage.

Enter the description, download the associated content, link it to your own content, then use a hashtag sign or a # to introduce your own hashtag.

Just like that.

How to use hashtags on LinkedIn articles?

First of all go to LinkedIn’s homepage and then touch the Write article button. Now go for searching the article you want. Whenever your article is complete and ready to publish, only press Publish in the top corner.

You’ll see a pop-up window: Tell your network what your article is about.

This section is where you can enter text to introduce your article to others. Also among the content, you can use the relevant and right hashtags.

the section appears at the top of the article. It will help LinkedIn users to find the right meaning of the content.

hashtags on linkedin articles

Remember that you can no longer delete editing after publication. So be cautious in choosing hashtags.
You can add the hashtag to your articles and updates as you’ve seen. In your headline and summary, LinkedIn allows you to use hashtags.

In this case, hashtags act like keywords without a tag. LinkedIn allows users to use hashtags in their profile as well, just as Instagram does.

LinkedIn hashtags: 16 tips to know

1.Using attractive text:

Utilize LinkedIn hashtags along with attractive text
The hashtag should always be accompanied by attractive text. LinkedIn users need a caption along with a hashtag when publishing an image or video.
Your post description should contain a fascinating text. Include a CTA (call to action).
The hashtags should be added at the end of your text. also better to know LinkedIn hashtags can also be inserted between text.
During the text entry process, we recommend entering the text first, then checking the text well afterwards. You should enter a hashtag if you see a keyword between text.
Make sure you don’t hashtag every word and never use a few words in a row. Your text will look spams if you do so. You’ll also lose important hashtags among the trivial ones.
Don’t forget to keep your goal in mind when you publish a post. Cause You can achieve it by using hashtags.

2. Punctuate correctly!
Using hashtags on LinkedIn is the same as on other social media networks.
It is only permitted to use letters, numbers, and emojis. Using spaces or symbols within the tag will pose a problem for you.
LinkedIn hashtags should never contain commas, apostrophes, relevance lines, or exclamation points.

3. Punctuation rules for hashtags:

LinkedIn hashtags should never contain spaces. When multiple words are used in a hashtag, they must be inserted side by side. Then a group was formed.
Try writing capital letters in hashtags that contain a few words. Thus, your hashtag will be more easily readable so you help people to read it correctly.
Markup should not be used on LinkedIn hashtags. It might bother those who are so concerned about language grammar. Keep in mind hashtags have their own set of rules.
In addition to the hashtag, punctuation marks are allowed. You can add a comma to your hashtag if it is in sentence form.
LinkedIn hashtags will not be affected by punctuations mark.
Make sure your hashtags are spelled correctly at the end. They might be misspelled.

4. Don not over-use hashtags:
You may include as many hashtags as you like in LinkedIn posts. It’s recommended by experts in the field to use a maximum of five hashtags per post.
You will otherwise look spams. Using hashtags too often can also lead to your posts being spammed.

5. Make sure your hashtags are public:
You must make your posts and profiles public if you have created a business profile on LinkedIn.
To do this, just go to your profile settings and make sure you’ve made it visible to everyone. It is in this context that you can make sure that your hashtags can be searched by 562 million LinkedIn users.
If you like to share the post and hashtag on Twitter with other people for single posts, click on its settings and select Public + Twitter.

6. Find your brand marketing niche:
Every industry and business has its own niche. That’s why different hashtags are used in different industries.
Proper use of Niche hashtags helps you access online communities that are interested in your industry. If you’re looking for inspiring ideas, check out Instagram and Twitter as well.

7. Use popular hashtags:
There are many users who have no familiarity with your niche hashtags. So try to strike a balance between brand-related hashtags and popular hashtags.

8. Don’t forget to use location-based hashtags:

More than 70% of LinkedIn users live outside the United States. If your post or article is linked to a specific area or location, you can add the destination hashtag to it and attracting more users for yourself.

9. Use your suggested LinkedIn hashtags:

When you start writing a story, LinkedIn automatically shows you the related hashtags. If you feel these hashtags are useful, be sure to use them but intelligently.

10. Follow hashtags to get more ideas:

Well you can’t just be the content poster. Sometimes you need to follow hashtags associated with your brand.

With this method, you can find attractive ideas for writing and showcase yourself on the LinkedIn feed. You can also pin the most popular hashtags to your home screen. It’s not hard to follow hashtags on LinkedIn. The easiest way is to go to the link below and add the hashtag you want:
11. Recognize your most successful posts

Many social media have built-in analytics tools that help you measure the performance of your posts and see what interactions you’ve had with users.

LinkedIn Analytics helps you find the best-performing posts and articles. What hashtags were included in these posts? If there’s a certain hashtag in your top posts, keep it on your side forever.

12. Use related hashtags
13. Make sure hashtags convey what they should mean
14. Also create hashtags related to your company or campaign
15. Know when to use hashtags
16. Do not use acrophonies in hashtags:
Suppose that I used the hashtag TFW in my post. Can you guess what this hashtag means?
There may be thousands of different sentences for this name in the world. Better not to use such hashtags in your posts as much as you can. Be loyal to your brand and audience.

Hashtags made up of such acrophonies may be useful for Twitter, but they won’t work on a professional platform like LinkedIn.

Hashtags on LinkedIn

The current LinkedIn platform does not allow users to add clickable hashtags to the body of their articles. The hashtag in the article description box will help make it discoverable, however.

Can we follow hashtags on LinkedIn?

Absolutely yes! You can follow hashtags and take advantage from it. For example can see what words turn to hashtags, how people respond, what ideas are formed and etc.

1.Search the hashtag you want in the search bar
2. Select the hashtag you want
3. Now you can see the hashtag’s feed and all content which related to that hashtag.
4. Click follow at the top of the page

Keep in mind: In order for your content to succeed, hashtags are essential. The hashtag recommendations on LinkedIn’s homepage and your analytics allow you to ensure your posts are reaching the right audience.

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