What is the difference between tags and hashtags?

What is the difference between tags and hashtags?

In what ways are tags, and hashtags different from each other? Do you know the difference between tags and hashtags? When I search on Facebook for my Twitter hashtag, will I find the same hashtag? 
To make matters even more complicated, there are multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, etc.
Here we will answer all your questions and take a look at the meaning of Hashtagging and tagging, so follow HashtagMark to get what you need!

What is a hashtag?

The first step to know the difference between tags and hashtags is answering the question: what is a hashtag?  As the name suggests, “Hashtag” refers to a word or phrase that is followed by a “#” You have likely seen these before. In Instagram, hashtags allow people to search for topics of interest, such as #fortnight and #seafoods.

As well as sharing your photos globally, personalized hashtags (e.g. for your wedding) give your family and friends the opportunity to see all photos associated with an event (like you gaming) even if they weren’t tagged or mentioned.

So: Hashtag (#) preceded words or phrases used in social media posts to identify keywords or topics of interest. Users can search and discover hashtags by adding them to their posts so that the social network can index them.

Owning hashtags on Instagram!

Introducing a hashtag on Instagram is the first step toward owning it, then every time you post, use it. They will be recognized by users and used them in their posts.

As a result, the hashtag will become more popular and more people will use it. In the Instagram search bar, you can see how many people are using them!

Now we have a checklist for owning a hashtag on Instagram:

  • Pick a hashtag that is unique
  • Don’t go overboard
  • Observe who uses it
  • Make sure it is written everywhere
  • Post it on Instagram all the time
  • You can use it on all social media platforms
  • Make it part of your website
  • And then create a lasting impression 

By using the above steps, you can own hashtags which increase engagement on Instagram!

What is a tag? 

Tags describe a piece of content by using words or phrases. In fact a tag helps people find your content on social media or blogging platforms.

Using tags on your site will help users searching your site to find the information they need, such as a new product or trend in the industry.

So: Using tags on social media enables users to engage with individuals, businesses, or other entities with a social profile. The recipient of the tag is notified and the linked profile is displayed in Facebook and Instagram.

Symbol @: Posts and photos should be tagged with the @ symbol to identify friends or acquaintances. If you want them to check out your posts, use the @ symbol. If you want to tag someone in a Facebook post, just type their name. 

It’s easy to reach popular news sources, celebrities, or organizations with your comments or suggestions by adding the @ symbol. You can even get a response or retweet from them if they are active on Twitter. The @ symbol on social media gives users the opportunity to be heard

How to use tagging on platforms such Instagram?

If you want to tag someone, place, or business in a photo, simply type the screenname in the “Tag Photo” section below your caption. You can also tag an existing photo in your feed by tapping the three dots above the photo and selecting “Edit” from the menu.

On the bottom left corner of the photo, you will see a tiny black and white profile image. By tapping the icon, you can tag anyone you wish by typing their screennames. After you have finished editing the photo, tap on the checkmark at the top right of the screen and out.

Tagging someone in an Instagram photo will make them receive a notification that their photo has been tagged, but beyond that, their “Tagged” photos section in their profile, will now contain this photo.

Thus, they will never lose the photo and will always be able to access it through their Instagram profile. So the photos you tag them in will also be visible on their profile to anyone visiting it!

What is the difference between tags and hashtags

Use of hashtags is like branding a topic, which means that you want your topic to be associated with your hashtag. For example I commented “oh God I’m really crazy about #seafoods” during a cooking show about sea foods, so my comment is associated with the topic of seafoods.

In general, tags are used to get the attention of someone who might find your topic interesting. Suppose I make a video about a product of a special brand and I want the brand to know I’m promoting it by mentioning or tagging it so that It will be notified.

So at the end of story we should know the difference between tags and hashtags is:

  • Tags describe a part of a content, whereas the purpose of hashtags is describing a specific topic or event.
  • Tags and hashtags should be used at different locations in your post; a hashtag should always be placed at the end and tags placed at the beginning. 
  • Clicking a hashtag will display the most recent posts related to that topic. A tag, however, displays the most recent posts, regardless of whether they pertain to the topic.
  • Tags are only used on blogs, whereas hashtags are used on multiple social media platforms.
  • Lastly, hashtags are usually written without spaces, whereas tags have spaces between them.

So the use of hashtags refers to branding a topic by attaching whatever you are talking about to it. When you apply a tag to someone, you are trying to get their attention by telling them something they might be interested in.

If I search on Facebook for my Twitter hashtag, will I find the same hashtag?

No, that’s not true. If that were possible, we cannot imagine the chaos that would ensue. Wouldn’t it be better to conduct a Google search on a specific hashtag? It’s true that the results are organized, fortunately.

Altogether now

Tags and hashtags can be selected in seconds.  Your social media posts are easier to find by people and engage with when you use them.

You can get famous on Instagram by making a hashtag for it. Sharing your content on all social media platforms is crucial once you have created it. Your posts will be more likely to be seen by new followers if you use hashtags.

Also it will increase your engagements, reach, impressions, and reach when users mention you or your hashtags on their posts. 

Please let us know what you think as always. Have you been left with any questions after reading this piece? Do you have any suggestions about how to use @ tags and # tags that you would like to add, change, or delete?


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